Tips to Date in 2023

Happy New Year! New year, new me? The new year is the busiest time of the year where dating apps see a huge jump in their users, which means your person may be just a swipe away! If you’re looking to try something refreshing, different, and uniquely catered to medical professionals like yourself, create a profile on ForeveRx today and follow the tips below to ensure a successful dating experience.

  • Make sure your profile is a genuine representation of you!Give your potential matches a real snapshot into your life, highlighting your passions and hobbies. Distinguish your profile from others by carefully selecting a variety of pictures which represent who you are and what makes you tick. In the gamified dating app landscape, you only have a few seconds to make an impression on a potential match – make it count!
  • Prioritize going on in-person or virtual dates.Save the banter for your first date! Our unique, industry-first “Schedule-a-Date” function was inspired by my personal dating experiences. I found myself stuck in conversations which led nowhere. It takes a quick coffee date or meal with a prospective partner to see if there is any real chemistry. Whether or not you make the first move, this mindset will save you valuable time and effort.
  • Be crystal clear about your intentions.Cut to the chase. We already have busier than average lives with the healthcare profession. Try to avoid endless banter to ensure your potential match is aligned with your life goals. Be straightforward and clear about what you’re looking for to attract a likeminded partner. So often, we see potential matches who are ambiguous about what they are looking for in their dating life. This creates unnecessary confusion and opens the door for mixed signals.