Introducing ForeverX, the First Dating App and Social Connection Platform Exclusively for Healthcare Professionals

PHILADELPHIA, October 14, 2021 ( – ForeverX co-founders Dr. Shivani Shah and Sagar Shah are proud to announce the launch date of the first, exclusive healthcare dating app and social connection platform, slated for Oct. 17, 2021. ForeverX was inspired by Dr. Shah’s experiences as a pediatric neurology resident relocating to a new state and leaving behind her childhood roots and social network. The sibling co-founders both formed a vision and started development of ForeverX at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. ForeverX aims to “Help Healthcare Heroes Find Their Forever,” prioritizing the curation of meaningful and substantive relationships amongst healthcare professionals. ForeverX will connect physicians, dentists, nurses, physical therapists, and other health care professionals with one another. Because of the many sacrifices inherent in the healthcare world related to years of training, out-of-state residencies, caring for the ill, and rigorous professional schedules, something Dr. Shah intimately understands, the co-founders believe that a like-minded community of professionals can thrive both platonically and romantically.

What differentiates ForeverX is not only its exclusivity but also its features, some of which the co-founders hope will help redefine the industry. Every user of ForeverX is verified as a healthcare professional at the onboarding stage using a proprietary security protocol involving NPI (National Provider Identification) number verifications along with Driver’s License checks. When users match with another user, they also will find the option to “Schedule-a-Date,” using an interactive, industry-first tool which allows matched users to see each other’s availability in real-time. “As dating app users, ourselves, we understand that schedule mismatches and conflicting professional hours make it very difficult to facilitate first dates. This issue is even more prevalent amongst those in healthcare, so we wanted to ensure from the very beginning that our users understood our serious intentions and to eliminate endless banter, without productive meetups,” the founders stated. The app also includes a social component called The Lounge, designed for those in medical residencies to meet fellow co-residents not only within their program but also from those nearby. Dr. Shah explains, “While our passion for the medical profession certainly drives us, we should not minimize the sometimes-daunting nature of our various stages of training, particularly with out-of-state residencies. We hope this feature provides a valuable social resource to both new and current residents to develop meaningful social support and networks.”

ForeverX is available for pre-order now on the Apple Store and will be available for download for both iOS and Android on Oct. 17, 2021. The first 1,000 users will get access to all of ForeverX’s premium features for free for one month, a normally $24.99/month cost. The app is a freemium app, meaning that it is free to download and use but with daily limitations on access.